Dynamic Watt-R

Dynamic Watt-R
  • Dynamic Watt-R
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Purified water | Hypoallergenic | Powered by natural air | Indoor & outdoor | Planet friendly

A H2O mist spray to control your body temperature, push harder, and #lastlonger. Cool yourself down and put the heat on the competition. Spray Watt-R directly on your skin for refreshment whenever needed.

Pro Tip: Store in the fridge before use for extra coolness.

Hot indoor training session, long summer bikepacking trip, after an intense ride or before your next effort. Stay cool with Watt-R. The fine mist evaporates quickly from the skin, providing a rapid cooling effect. The PH neutral purified formula is hypoallergenic and safe to use on sensitive skin

The special packaging uses a bag that contains the liquid, which is placed inside a can that is pressurised. Foregoing the use of a propellant gas like CO2 and ensuring you can use every last drop, even upside down. 3.000 sprays of 3 seconds!


Brand Dynamic