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be Ethias-Tour de Wallonie
World Tour 22 Jul '24 - 26 Jul '24
3/5 Arlon › La Roche-en-Ardenne 192km
4/5 Verviers › Herve 188km
5/5 Mouscron › Thuin 192km
fr Tour Alsace
Development Team 24 Jul '24 - 28 Jul '24
1/5 Sausheim › Sausheim 4km
2/5 Riedisheim › Ferrette 154km
3/5 Vesoul › La Planche des Belles Filles 132km
pl Princess Anna Vasa Tour
Women's Team 25 Jul '24 - 28 Jul '24
1/4 Toruń › Toruń 3km
2/4 Golub-Dobrzyń › Golub-Dobrzyń 116km
3/4 Golub-Dobrzyń › Golub-Dobrzyń 115km
cz Czech Tour
World Tour 25 Jul '24 - 28 Jul '24
1/4 Prostějov › Ostrava 151km
2/4 Zlín › Pustevny 172km
3/4 Moravská Třebová › Dlouhé stráně 134km
es Vuelta a Burgos
World Tour 05 Aug '24 - 09 Aug '24
1/5 Vilviestre Del Pinar › Burgos 168km
2/5 Valle De Mena › Complejo Karstico Ojo Guareña 161km
3/5 Bodegas Nabal Gumiel De izán › Lagunas De Neila 138km
es Donostia San Sebastian Klasikoa
World Tour 10 Aug '24
1/1 San Sebastián › San Sebastián 236km
pl Tour de Pologne
World Tour 12 Aug '24 - 18 Aug '24
1/7 Wrocław › Karpacz 159km
2/7 Mysłakowice › Karpacz 15km
3/7 Wałbrzych › Duszniki-Zdrój 156km
fr Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift
Women's Team 12 Aug '24 - 18 Aug '24
1/8 Rotterdam › The Hague 124km
2/8 Dordrecht › Rotterdam 67km
3/8 Rotterdam › Rotterdam 6km
Food Friday - Must-have for all cyclists: the Foodcoach app

Food Friday - Must-have for all cyclists: the Foodcoach app

When it comes to food, our team sets high standards. Therefore, our riders have started to work with the Foodcoach app, an app which has recently become available for you as well! Wondering why you just have to download this app and how our riders use it themselves? That’s what you will read about in this weeks’ Food Friday.

Only a few years ago, we calculated the necessary energy intake per rider by hand, followed by a manual set-up of a meal plan. This took up a lot of time, as you can imagine, so it was a process only for those special and important races. Our riders had to help themselves with general advice and nutrition plans for all other races and the trainings at home. At the same time, Jumbo noticed the demand for tailored and nutritious food plans among recreational athletes. We joined forces with a single goal in mind: building an app that is able to provide meal plans tailored to individual conditions when it comes to health, performance and recovery.

A dedicated team of sport nutritionists, logistical heroes and (software) technicians worked hard to accomplish this goal. By now, our riders use the app every single day of the year. The nutritionist of the team creates a meal plan per rider based on his individual needs before, during and after a race/training. After that, the chefs use this input to create dishes and the riders use the app to see how many grams they can eat per dish (we work with buffets).


Our riders use the app at home as well. The nutritionist and chefs of the team work together in the same way, but it is up to the rider to cook himself and measure every ingredient accurate to the gram to make sure that he eats what his body needs to train and recover. The Development Team does not use the app due to this process of measuring the grams of ingredients. Young at age, we want them to focus on the basic principles of food combined with cycling.

The Foodcoach app is stuffed with recipes suitable to tailor to individual needs (personal characteristics and physical efforts), after using it intensively by the team for already 1,5 years. Now that we have accomplished to receive an adoption rate from all riders, we are launching the app to all cyclists out there together with Jumbo. We want to help all cyclists with an easy, personalised and healthy meal plan that fits with each individual nutritional need!

"Our riders use the app every single day"

From stages to training days at home

Still need some more arguments why the Foodcoach app should replace another food-tracking app already installed on your phone? This is why you have to give the app a fair chance according to us:

  • The Foodcoach app gives true personalised advice rather than only offering the option to note down what you eat (such as MyFitnessPal).
  • The (sport)recipes are developed by experts in the field who work with professional athletes on a daily base.
  • Before launching to the public, the app has been tested and optimized by letting our riders, chefs and nutritionists use it on a daily basis, and also athletes from outside our team (PSV, the Dutch hockey team and TeamNL).
  • The app is based on a large amount of knowledge from food experts and human movement scientists from several professional athlete teams (including Team Jumbo-Visma). Furthermore, several renowned scientists have looked into the details of the app.
  • The database of ingredients, nutritional values and meals has been checked and cannot be altered versus some other food-tracking apps where every user can add onto the database without checks being done on the accurateness.

To conclude, the Foodcoach app is an app that matches the highest standards when it comes to food!
A small sneak peek to round up
: the app is now only suitable for cyclists, but other sports will follow soon (e.g. fitness, running and team sports).

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