Boven is already anticipating upcoming season

Boven is already anticipating upcoming season

Lars Boven has been a member of the Jumbo-Visma Development Team since 2020, making him a rider from the beginning. So far, he has won a race every season and is developing steadily. We talked to him about the past season and looked ahead to a new year of racing.

"For me, it was an excellent year, especially the second part of the cycling season; I quite often surprised myself", Boven reflects. "Despite the necessary changes, we have again established a close-knit team. While racing, you become aware of that, and it is wonderful to participate in it."

Two instances come to mind as the 21-year-old cyclist reflects on the season. "I had already ridden some solid tests at the training camp in Slovenia, but I had no idea what to expect from the subsequent races. I was surprised I could keep up with the top riders in the Sazka Tour, a difficult Czech stage race."

The Flanders Tomorrow Tour was his own personal high point. "I was already close to a win a few times, but now it finally worked out, and that felt good!" The preparation for the upcoming cycling season has already begun. Before deciding on his primary goals, the Dutchman still waits for the race schedule to be released. "I want to have a good winter, train at a higher level, and improve for the next season. I am an all-arounder. Therefore I don't want to concentrate on any one thing in particular; instead, I want to continue developing in general."

"Now I'm eager to start racing again, because that's what I love most"

Lars Boven

The Development Team rider has witnessed the team's growth over the years. "We were already a very close group from the first weekend. Despite the required changes, that has remained the same all these years. Everyone feels like a member of the group from the beginning. There are more possibilities for coaching, and our staff has gained experience. But this has all gone gradually. We have grown as a collective."

After having taken some time off, Boven is back on the road. "I didn't like how I ended the season. I achieved good results and was in a good flow, but unfortunately, I had to drop out early because I got a little sick. After my season, I occasionally cycled, met up with friends and didn't think much about cycling for a while. Now I'm eager to start racing again, because that's what I love most!"

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