Discover how The Athlete's FoodCoach helps our riders to recover from heavy mountain stages

Discover how The Athlete's FoodCoach helps our riders to recover from heavy mountain stages

Yesterday, the Giro d'Italia witnessed the intense eighteenth stage where Primoz Roglic and Sepp Kuss showcased their strength in the demanding mountain stage to Val di Zoldo. With this strong performance, Roglič ascended to second place in the general classification. Today, our riders brace themselves for the ultimate challenge: the queen stage.

To ensure thorough preparation, prioritizing recovery from the grueling previous stages is crucial. Our skilled chefs and nutritionists are fully committed to optimize the recovery process by meticulously selecting the most suitable nourishment for our riders.

Meal plan with superheroes

A key element of a proper recovery meal is replenishing those energy stores with essential carbs. Without energy, your body can't kick-start the recovery process. Next to the necessary carbs, we must not forget about proteins. These are the superheroes that rebuild the hard-worked muscles. Carbs and proteins are a must-have base for every rider in a grand tour.


Better recovery with personalised ingredients

Matching the carbohydrate and protein intake to the specific requirements of our riders is crucial for effective recovery. These needs are contingent upon the individual's physical metrics such as weight, as well as the actual energy expended by the rider during the stages. To streamline this process and alleviate the calculation burden on our performance chefs, The Athlete's FoodCoach employs cutting-edge software. This software facilitates the planning of individual energy expenditures and enables real-time updates based on the riders' actual energy usage. With this advanced tool, we can optimize the nutritional support provided to each rider, ensuring they receive the precise fuel they need for optimal recovery and performance.

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Conquering the Giro

Altogether, these specific ingredients combined are the perfect mix to make our riders recover from the hard stage. Our chef’s are mixing the ingredients into delicious recipes such as oatmeal mixed with three kinds of berries. You can find this recipe yourself in The Athlete’s FoodCoach app.

With the tailored nutrition strategy from The Athlete’s FoodCoach, our riders are ready to conquer the Giro d'Italia!

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