Team Jumbo-Visma takes ownership of Foodcoach platform for (top) athletes

Team Jumbo-Visma takes ownership of Foodcoach platform for (top) athletes

In 2018, Jumbo Supermarkets and Team Jumbo-Visma introduced the Foodcoach app: an innovative premium performance nutrition platform for athletes who perform at the highest level. Team Jumbo-Visma is fully adopting the program and has big plans for the app. Soon other target groups will also be able to receive tailored nutrition advice through the platform.

Foodcoach was developed five years ago for and by (top) athletes. The riders of Team Jumbo-Visma's World Tour teams receive advice via the app about the portioning, composition and timing of their meals and snacks. The unique advice for each rider is entirely personalised and tailored to the rider's characteristics and performance, which helps them perform at their best. This improves both individual performance and the team's performance as a whole. The performance staff is also enthusiastic: using the app provides more room to help athletes improve their eating routines.

"Foodcoach helps our riders to perform at their best"

Richard Plugge

Indispensable for top athletes

Richard Plugge, general manager of Team Jumbo-Visma: "Scientific studies have proven many times that sports performance improves when the worlds of nutrition and exercise come together. Since the existence of the Foodcoach app, we have experienced this in practice. We have spent a lot of time and energy optimising the platform. Exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Asker Jeukendrup, among others, has contributed to this. We have been working with the program since 2019. By now, the Foodcoach app is an integral part of our riders' and nutritionists' daily routine. Foodcoach provides insights, guidance and structure. It is indispensable for top athletes."

Happy fanatics

On behalf of Jumbo Supermarkets, Robert Jan Koens was responsible for creating the Foodcoach program as Manager Foodcoach. He will also remain closely involved in the future as he transfers to Team Jumbo-Visma. "The platform has long since ceased to be used only by the Team Jumbo-Visma cyclists", said Koens. "TeamNL and PSV also work with Foodcoach to their full satisfaction. The program is also accessible to so-called 'happy fanatics', consumers who cycle, run, work out or play a team sport and want to get the most out of their training sessions and/or matches."

Healthcare institutions and insurance companies

Team Jumbo-Visma will offer the platform to other (top) sports organizations and has ambitions to further develop Foodcoach for healthcare institutions and insurance companies. After all, food coaching can also help people who are preparing for an operation or intensive treatment plan or are recovering from it. The platform will be extensively tested in the coming period. Subsequently, the new functionalities will be implemented at home and abroad.

"Both (amateur) athletes and patients recovering from a medical procedure will receive tailor-made nutritional advice"

Robert Jan Koens

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