The nutritional partners of Team Jumbo-Visma in 2023

The nutritional partners of Team Jumbo-Visma in 2023

As of 1 January 2023, Team Jumbo-Visma has several new nutrition partners. For the next two years, Amacx will supply all of our athletes' sports nutrition, and Dole will provide us with packaged fruit snacks for our athletes, staff, and hospitality guests.

Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of Team Jumbo-success Visma's philosophy. The proper nutrition at the right time helps its athletes to perform at their best.

Since this year, the skaters and riders have been utilising Amacx products before, during, and after their training sessions and races. Team Jumbo-sports Visma's nutritionist Martijn Redegeld has been instrumental in optimising and expanding the Amacx product line. "Although the sports drinks, gels, and bars were always delicious, they now include the perfect ingredients for our skaters and riders. That's why they fit in perfectly with our overall race strategies", he says. "Another benefit is that all goods are offered in various flavours. This allows the riders to vary, which is a need during a long ride."

The Netherlands-based company Amacx manufactures a large number of its own products. "We can switch quickly", Redegeld continues. "That is a significant benefit. We also speak the same language, both literally and metaphorically. Team Jumbo-Visma and Amacx are ambitious to be the best, and we are constantly innovating. We challenge and invigorate each other."

As of 1 January, our food trucks' kitchens are now fully supplied with Dole brand goods. Dole has more than 120 years of experience in packaged fruit. The company aims for the finest food quality possible and is dedicated to making nutritious meals available to customers. Team Jumbo-Visma's Foodcoach chefs use Dole products in desserts and snacks, for example.

Performance chef Karin Lambrechtse: "Dole's fruit snacks contain no added sugar, are nicely portioned and have a long shelf life outside the fridge. So we can serve fruit to the team at any time. Most Dole snacks, including fruit cups, contain the right amount of carbohydrates. Ideal before a challenging training session or race. We will also use them in specific recipes. In addition, we will use Dole products in the packed lunches for our staff and hospitality guests. Dietary variety is always a healthy thing. Having a partner like Dole makes it a little easier.

In addition to Amacx and Dole, Team Jumbo-Visma also includes Grand'Italia, The Greenery, de Bisschopsmolen and food partners. Maurten is back as a partner after a year's absence but in a different role. The Swedish company collaborates with Team Jumbo-Visma on innovating and optimising a range of dietary supplements and related performance strategies.

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