Limburg Cycling and Team Jumbo-Visma extend partnership

Limburg Cycling and Team Jumbo-Visma extend partnership

Limburg Cycling and Team Jumbo-Visma will continue to jointly support cycling in the province of Limburg, The Netherlands, in the coming years. Two years ago, the Limburg cycling platform and the Dutch sports team entered into a partnership that was mainly aimed at strengthening recreational sports in the southern province. This cooperation will be intensified, expanded and extended by two years.

The partnership between Limburg Cycling and Team Jumbo-Visma ensures that Limburg is assured of various initiatives in the coming years that will benefit cycling in Limburg. Parts of the collaboration include organizing Ready2Race competitions, Open Training rides and cycling clinics at secondary schools in Limburg. In addition, the cycling team supports cycling clubs from Limburg with the 'Team Jumbo-Visma Koers'. With this initiative, Team Jumbo-Visma wants to support and help the local cycling associations in their development.

Milan van Wersch, manager of Limburg Cycling, is delighted to continue working with Team Jumbo-Visma for the next two years. “We have had a pleasant collaboration over the past two years. Limburg Cycling and Team Jumbo-Visma have had intensive contact about the various initiatives, which were continuously evaluated and improved. This has contributed to the increase of members of the Limburg cycling associations and that it is possible in Limburg for young and old to get acquainted with competitive sport in an accessible way. We will continue that process and I have a lot of confidence in that.”

Jaap van Hulten, Head of Community within Team Jumbo-Visma Academy, is also happy to continue building together with Limburg Cycling on strengthening cycling in Limburg. “Limburg Cycling stands for strengthening cycling in the broadest sense of the word and pays attention to the local associations. That is very important to us within Team Jumbo-Visma. In addition, Limburg is a beautiful cycling province with great opportunities and facilities to practice the sport. The fact that we are staying at Watersley Sport & Talent Park with our development team and women's team underlines that.”

The expansion and extension of the collaboration has been made possible from Limburg by the province of Limburg and the Limburg cycling municipalities.

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