Starry sky full of dreams adorns Tour de France jersey Team Jumbo-Visma

Starry sky full of dreams adorns Tour de France jersey Team Jumbo-Visma

Team Jumbo-Visma is launching a new jersey for the 2023 Tour de France in collaboration with AGU and Efteling. The unique design is based on the power of dreams. A special jersey, ‘The Vélodrome’, depicts a starry sky full of dreams.

Like no other, Team Jumbo-Visma knows how a firm belief in a dream can lead to outstanding achievements. After winning the 2022 Tour de France, the team hopes to inspire new generations to follow their dreams.

Fairytale merry-go-round

To encourage everyone to believe in their dreams, the story ‘The Vélodrome, the story Ride your dreams’ was written by Efteling and inspired by the team’s dreams and goals. Sander de Bruijn, designer at the Efteling, wrote a fairy tale about faith, dreams, and perseverance. It tells the story of a little cyclist who, under a sparkling starry sky, breaks free from the merry-go-round called The Vélodrome and, as if in a dream, finishes on the Champs-Élysées. The shirt’s starry sky reflects the power of dreams, framed by elegant gold embellishments. This central philosophy of the campaign has been fully and visibly embraced by all partners.

The collaboration with Efteling, an enchanting theme park in the Netherlands, highlights that it used to feature a merry-go-round where you could ride a bike: The Vélodrome. For this occasion, the attraction has been moved back to Anton Pieck Square, dedicated to a tribute to the founder of the Efteling this year.


Your map of the stars

The cycling jersey produced by AGU will shine for weeks under the French sun this summer, inspiring everyone to dare to dream and follow their dreams. One of the jersey’s most remarkable features is that it offers space to personalise it. Anyone who pre-orders the jersey before Monday, 1 May, can add a personal moment and the corresponding star position map - a unique opportunity to immortalise a fulfilled or future dream on the jersey. Team Jumbo-Visma riders are proud to be wearing the new Tour jersey. They, too, will carry a personal star chart to the finish line and are excited to wear this new limited-edition jersey to inspire people worldwide to follow their dreams.

Björn Jeurissen, CEO of clothing partner AGU: “With this magical jersey, we have reached another highlight with Team Jumbo-Visma and Efteling. In addition to making custom cycling team apparel available to everyone in an extraordinary way, we are also inspiring younger generations to pursue their cycling dreams. The jersey is of the highest quality. We have once again developed the fastest jersey in the peloton made with the best technology and combined with a beautiful design.”

Sander de Bruijn, designer of the Efteling: “It is a dream and an honour to design the Team Jumbo-Visma cycling jersey for the upcoming Tour de France. The underlying theme: ‘Believe in your dreams’ is one of the best stories and messages we can share with children and all spectators of the upcoming Tour de France through the creation of ‘The Vélodrome: Ride your Dreams’.”

Richard Plugge, General Manager of Team Jumbo-Visma: “Winning the Tour de France last year was a long-cherished dream come true. By daring to dream big and setting a deadline for ourselves, we made our dream come true. With this jersey, we hope to inspire people worldwide to pursue their dreams. We chose Efteling because they are the ones who can turn inspiring dreams and stories into memorable and vivid designs. We are proud to have collaborated with Efteling and our clothing partner AGU to create a beautiful story and corresponding design. We will wear this jersey with great pride in the upcoming Tour de France, and, of course, we will do everything we can to make our dreams come true once again.”

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