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be Ethias-Tour de Wallonie
World Tour 22 Jul '24 - 26 Jul '24
3/5 Arlon › La Roche-en-Ardenne 192km
4/5 Verviers › Herve 188km
5/5 Mouscron › Thuin 192km
fr Tour Alsace
Development Team 24 Jul '24 - 28 Jul '24
1/5 Sausheim › Sausheim 4km
2/5 Riedisheim › Ferrette 154km
3/5 Vesoul › La Planche des Belles Filles 132km
pl Princess Anna Vasa Tour
Women's Team 25 Jul '24 - 28 Jul '24
1/4 Toruń › Toruń 3km
2/4 Golub-Dobrzyń › Golub-Dobrzyń 116km
3/4 Golub-Dobrzyń › Golub-Dobrzyń 115km
cz Czech Tour
World Tour 25 Jul '24 - 28 Jul '24
1/4 Prostějov › Ostrava 151km
2/4 Zlín › Pustevny 172km
3/4 Moravská Třebová › Dlouhé stráně 134km
es Vuelta a Burgos
World Tour 05 Aug '24 - 09 Aug '24
1/5 Vilviestre Del Pinar › Burgos 168km
2/5 Valle De Mena › Complejo Karstico Ojo Guareña 161km
3/5 Bodegas Nabal Gumiel De izán › Lagunas De Neila 138km
es Donostia San Sebastian Klasikoa
World Tour 10 Aug '24
1/1 San Sebastián › San Sebastián 236km
pl Tour de Pologne
World Tour 12 Aug '24 - 18 Aug '24
1/7 Wrocław › Karpacz 159km
2/7 Mysłakowice › Karpacz 15km
3/7 Wałbrzych › Duszniki-Zdrój 156km
fr Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift
Women's Team 12 Aug '24 - 18 Aug '24
1/8 Rotterdam › The Hague 124km
2/8 Dordrecht › Rotterdam 67km
3/8 Rotterdam › Rotterdam 6km
Training while you sleep: this is how our riders do it

Training while you sleep: this is how our riders do it

Our riders do not only train on the bike but also next to it. Occasionally even in bed! Thanks to our collaboration with Box Altitude, we can simulate sleeping at altitude. This enhances our athletes' athletic performance.

Numerous professional athletes enjoy training or sleeping at heights. It boosts the body's ability to absorb oxygen, improving athletic performance. It is considered ideal for spending the night at 2,500 metres. However, it is not practical to frequently travel abroad for this training impact. Because of this, Team Jumbo-Visma enjoys using the high-altitude sleeping equipment from Box Altitude.

"Altitude training is indispensable for our riders"

Mathieu Heijboer

This Australian company creates sleeping and training rooms that replicate being at high altitudes for riders to use at home. It provides benefits without difficulties. Head of Performance Mathieu Heijboer: “Altitude training is indispensable for our riders. The team's busy season makes it challenging to fit in training camps; Box Altitude provides a solution with its altitude sleeping systems. In the past two years, we have seen that it has led to better performance on the bike.”

Since 2021, Team Jumbo-Visma has collaborated with Box Altitude. The organisations have recently extended their collaboration for at least another year.

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