Vifit: the right sports nutrition for Team Jumbo-Visma athletes

Vifit: the right sports nutrition for Team Jumbo-Visma athletes

Vifit has been a sponsor of the Team Jumbo-Visma cycling team for several years now. The collaboration between Team Jumbo-Visma and Vifit extends further than just a traditional sponsorship. Within the sponsorship, Vifit helps top athletes to get the best out of themselves with advice on healthy nutrition and the supply of dairy and sports nutrition products.

In addition to training and rest, healthy nutrition is very important for top athletes. Vifit is happy to use its expertise in the field of nutrition and dairy products to help Team Jumbo-Visma to perform optimally. Because training hard demands a lot from your muscles.

Vifit has therefore made a Vifit Sport High Protein Recovery Range in collaboration with Team Jumbo-Visma. These products give your protein that helps to support your muscles to recover after exercise. These proteins also contribute to the overall training progress and ensure that our riders can get the maximum effect from their training. Our riders take the High Protein Bar or Protein Powder immediately after exercise as a regular part of the recovery phase. Both products contain a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving.

The most important fuel during training or competition is carbohydrates. Together with Vifit Sport Team Jumbo-Visma has developed Sport and Energy Range to provide the necessary energy during efforts. Both the Energy Gel, Energy Bar and Isotonic sports drink contain a specially adjusted quantity of carbohydrates of 30 grams per bar or portion. This way our riders can easily calculate whether they have already consumed enough carbohydrates to perform their effort.

A varied diet and lifestyle are important. Dairy is a natural source of protein. Eating protein-rich dairy products supports optimal recovery after training, which has a positive effect on the athletes' resilience.


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