Hyperice supports Team Jumbo-Visma for optimal recovery

Hyperice supports Team Jumbo-Visma for optimal recovery

This summer, just ahead of the Tour de France, Team Jumbo-Visma geared up to take our performance to the next level by partnering with Hyperice. The partnership was a natural progression of our existing relationship with Normatec, the air compression recovery systems that our riders have been using for years.

By making it official with Hyperice, athletes of Team Jumbo-Visma were equipped with a robust line of warm up, maintenance, and recovery technology. This includes the Hypervolt percussion line, Vyper vibrating fitness roller, and Venom heated massage compression wraps, all of which we use before stages, on the bus during transfers, and in hotel rooms at night.

“Hyperice gives us the possibility to do something special for the riders on the places and moments they need extra treatment,” Says Mathieu Heijboer, Head of Performance for Team Jumbo-Visma. “This really helps them to recover and get the best out of themselves!”

"Hyperice helps the riders to recover and get the best out of themselves."

Mathieu Heijboer

In recent years, mounting research has deemed proper recovery as essential to top performance, and gives athletes a competitive advantage. It is a key pillar in top training plans and is linked to injury prevention, and longevity in an athletes career. Team Jumbo-Visma’s partnership with Hyperice is a reflection of how much we care about our athletes. By supporting them with the top technology, they are empowered to race strong, feel their best, and keep pushing through demanding schedules.

“I'm super happy with the Hyperice Hypervolt gun myself, I use it a lot while traveling, especially after tough mountain stages on the bus back to the hotel. It is compact and easy to carry, ideal for me as a rider,” says Team Jumbo-Visma racer Koen Bouwman.

Hyperice Koen Bouwman

With a stacked race calendar this season and the goal of performing at our absolute best 365 days a year, Hyperice is an ideal partner to help propel that success. Learn more about the full suite of performance and recovery technology that our riders rely on at www.hyperice.com.

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