Kelderman sleeps more soundly thanks to FoodCoach

Kelderman sleeps more soundly thanks to FoodCoach

Since this year, Wilco Kelderman has been cycling for Team Jumbo-Visma. Working with The Athlete's FoodCoach app has helped him sleep more soundly and better. As a result, he recovers faster and achieves more progress than ever before.

"When I first started using FoodCoach, I noticed something: the app advised me to eat more after a tough training session or stage than I was used to. My body needed more nutrients to recover optimally than I thought."

"It's very convenient that the app tells you what your body needs when you get off your bike. Your intuition can sometimes let you down when you're exhausted or fatigued, while the right nutrition is an important part of your recovery. If you don't replenish your deficiencies, your body can't recover optimally", Kelderman explains.

What is the biggest benefit since you started using FoodCoach?

"Since I started using FoodCoach, I've noticed that I sleep more soundly. Especially during a tough training week or in a Grand Tour, getting a good night's sleep is important for recovery. Additionally, I wake up feeling refreshed and never experience hunger when I wake up."

"Previously, I would occasionally wake up with a feeling of hunger. The result was that I could be a bit fatigued. It was frustrating when I had to give my all on the bike that day. Sometimes, I would struggle with fatigue or that feeling of hunger throughout the entire day."

"Now that I ensure my body can recover optimally through my nutrition, I've noticed that I can cycle better for multiple consecutive days. I don't think as quickly, 'I feel my legs' or 'I'm tired.' That is partly because my muscles are better replenished with glycogen and other nutrients for recovery."

"I don't think as quickly, 'I feel my legs' or 'I'm tired"

Wilco Kelderman

Why is that recovery so important to you?

"By recovering well, the quality of my training improves. I see it reflected in my training results. It's all interconnected. By providing my body with the right nutrients, I wake up feeling fresher the next day. This allows me to train harder and make my muscles stronger."

"FoodCoach makes nutrition enjoyable and easy for me. In the app, I have a wide range of recipes to choose from that I can work with myself, which is great fun. But I don't have to figure out how much of everything I need, FoodCoach does that for me. It saves me a lot of energy and time. I'd rather invest that in training and resting," concludes Kelderman.

"FoodCoach saves me a lot of energy and time"

Wilco Kelderman

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