Webinar: Preparing Team Jumbo-Visma for the Tour de France

Webinar: Preparing Team Jumbo-Visma for the Tour de France

In this webinar our Head of Performance Mathieu Heijboer shows how our riders prepared for the Tour de France 2021. He talks about the Team Jumbo-Visma training philosophy, the INSCYD test that monitors progress and enables coaches to create the best training program, and even shares some numbers and specific training strategies.

Together with our partner INSCYD we organized a webinar specifically for coaches. You can now have an exclusive shot at 1 of only 10 seats to watch the webinar recording. Learn how Team Jumbo-Visma prepares for the most important road race of the year. Join our give away:

Topics you can expect:

  • The Jumbo-Visma training philosophy: capacity, power, performance
  • How often we use the INSCYD test and how we change the training program accordingly
  • Test results (VO2max, VLamax, Anaerobic threshold) of 6 Tour de France riders
  • How to increase VO2max and how to increase or decrease VLamax: specific interval training, strength training, training volume and tapering
  • And many more..!

We will announce 10 winners for an exclusive webinar seat at the first of December, via email.

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