This is included in a rider’s clothing pack

This is included in a rider’s clothing pack

Every year, our riders receive a substantial clothing package from our clothing partner AGU. Curious about what’s in it? We’ll explain below!

Shirts and road suits

Aero, mesh or woven. With or without collar. Two pieces or a road suit. There is something for everyone. The aero shirt is based on the time trial suit and is therefore the fastest version of the suit. The mesh shirt is made of, as the name implies, mesh. This extra thin material provides maximum cooling on hot days. Material with sunblock is incorporated in the back, which reduces the risk of sunburn. The woven shirt is especially designed for the spring classics. This shirt is water-repellent and is more windproof than the other shirts. The classic outfit and the mesh version are also available as a road suit.


Bib shorts and bib tights

As with the shirt, there are different variants of the bib short. The aero shorts are a perfect match for the aero shirt. The riders also have a choice of bib shorts with special sides. Here ceramic is incorporated on the flanks. This prevents abrasions and ensures faster recovery after a crash. The thermal trousers are perfect for cold days, while the woven trousers were specially developed for the spring classics. These bib shorts are, just like the shirt, extra water-repellent. The long pants, the bib tight, comes in a standard version and in a version with a windproof front.


Gloves and socks

The gloves and socks are also available in an aero version. In addition, gloves with and without padding are also available. Furthermore, the socks come in an aero and a classic model and there is an extra thin version for warm conditions.

Winter outerwear

To keep the body warm during cold or wet weather, riders wear several layers of clothing. The top layer is often a thermo jacket. For the coldest days, there is a special winter jacket lined with sheepskin, the Polartec Alpha. On wet rainy days, the athletes wear a rain jacket, wind vest or gabba. To avoid getting wet and cold feet, they put on overshoes.


Time trial suit

All time trial specialists on the team receive a tailor-made time trial suit, specifically tailored for them and tested in the wind tunnel. This is a very intensive process, which has already resulted in no less than 3.7 percent less air resistance and up to 1.3 percent time savings compared to the initial situation.


The athletes will also receive race and podium caps, race caps, cols, sunglasses, leg and arm warmers, undergarments and casual clothing from AGU


Team attire differences

The printing on the shirts of the World Tour Team, Women’s Team and Development Team differs slightly.

The front of the men’s outfit features the logos of main sponsors Jumbo and Visma, as well as the logos of Skoda, Hema, Campina, Graze and Agu. It also features the UCI World Tour logo. New is the Cervélo logo on the belly. On the shoulders and arms are the logos of Cervélo, Jumbo, Visma, Campina and Hema, while Hema can also be found on the side. The collar also features the logos of the main sponsors.

The collar and back of the women’s outfit are the same. On the front, the logos of Jumbo, Visma, Hema, Skoda, AGU, Elfi and UCI Women’s Worldteam can be found. Here we also see the Cervélo logo on the belly. On the side is Vancansoleil and on the arms Cervélo, Jumbo, Visma, Parkhotel Valkenburg and Hema.

The front of the Development Team jersey is, with two exceptions, the same as that of the women’s team. Elfi is replaced by Calvé Pindakaas and next to it the emblem of the UCI Continental Team can be found. The sleeves don’t differ much either, except that the Calvé Pindakaas logo has also been added here as well. AGU is printed on the left and right flank of the shirt.

On the back of all three shirts the jersey number and the name of the athlete are printed.

Web shop

Looking for a Team Jumbo-Visma clothing set? In our web shop the team kit for men, women and children is available. In addition, the official Team Jumbo-Visma col, the windbreaker and other items such as a race cap, gloves and a long-sleeved cycling jersey, are also available in the webshop.

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