Team Jumbo-Visma Women holds their ground in Ronde de Mouscron

Team Jumbo-Visma Women holds their ground in Ronde de Mouscron

Team Jumbo-Visma Women has made a good impression in the third edition of the Ronde de Mouscron. Eva van Agt attacked solo early in the race and was eventually caught by a select group in the final kilometres. Martina Fidanza won the race.

Team Jumbo-Visma Women competed in the Belgian one-day race, which featured five laps of 24 kilometers, with a young team. But for Noemi Ruegg, the race was already over after two laps. The Swiss rider crashed and was unable to continue. Apart from a large cut on her elbow, the damage does not seem too bad.

Van Agt saw her opportunity to attack as the peloton split in two. The 26-year-old rider held her own for a considerable time and did not allow anyone to catch her. After an attack of about 40 kilometres, the peloton caught up with the Nijmegen rider as it prepared for the sprint. Van Agt finished 17th in the sprint.

"The way the ladies battled was seriously good"

Rutger Tijssen

"The way the ladies battled was seriously good”, said Rutger Tijssen, sports technical manager of Team Jumbo-Visma Women. "The idea was to race attractively because, in my opinion, that fits where we want to develop. I think you get stronger that way and learn to play the game. Unfortunately, we lost Noemi due to a crash, but Eva and Nienke performed good team play."

"When you make the course like this and ensure the riders have a difficult time reaching the finish line, I can conclude we rode a strong race. Of course it doesn’t mean anything because it's all about the results, but it’s something to build on."

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